5 Key Considerations for Your Special Day

There are many things to consider for your BIG day. Here are 5 thoughts to consider to make your day the best it can be.

1. Get Rewarded. Use a rewards credit card to pay for your wedding expenses. This is a great way to get something back from the high cost of a wedding. There is a huge selection of rewards credit cards available with cash back, discounts, or reward points. Do your research and choose what will best fit your lifestyle and desired rewards.

2. Ask Questions. Do not hesitate to ask your wedding vendors for help or recommendations. Many vendors have already established relationships with trusted vendors and can save you a lot of headaches by simply recommending you a DJ, food caterer, or Photo Booth Rental. Also evaluate those vendors by asking for references or viewing their reviews online.

3. Get Licensed. Learn about local marriage license procedures. The process of obtaining a marriage license varies dramatically from state to state and sometimes county to county. For instance, in Kalamazoo County, Michigan the couple must be 18 years or older without parents consent. The couple should apply with the county which either of the individuals live in for the license. This may be different if you live out of state. The couple must provide a valid Michigan ID, full names, valid addresses, birth places and dates, how many times previously married, parents birth states and full birth names, both applicants social security numbers, and a $20-$30 fee. As you can see, some research may be needed on your part. You also must obtain your license no soon than 30 days prior to your wedding date. This is a condensed list and I suggest you view your county's specific requirements.

4. Use a checklist. Regardless of how organized you think your plans are, things will become more complicated than you expect. We suggest using a checklist to keep yourself organized. Whether it is for your budget, keeping your vendors in line, or a special day emergency checklist, use one! You will thank me later. There are many checklists available online or consider using the pre-made templates from Word or Excel. You can always make your own too but be sure to take the time to get everything on it.

5. Make Time. Make sure your time is also budgeted. Giving yourself extra time between events like photos, entrances, and dinner are paramount. These various parts of your special day will inevitably go long. Due to this make sure you have a great set of vendors that have all of their responsibilities taken care of, as to not bother you with last minute questions. You do not want to have to explain to the DJ what your song is for the first dance as a couple but if there are any hiccups some extra time will be beneficial.

I hope these tips are helpful for you. As always, subscribe to the Yolo Event Pics Photo Booth newsletter for more tips and specials at www.YoloEventPics.com or you can contact me directly loren@yoloeventpics.com.

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