5 Reasons to Rent a Yolo Event Pics Photo Booth

With so many options to add to your big event, why choose a Yolo Event Pics Photo Booth rental? Well, here are 5 reasons why you should!

1. Entertainment - Both you and your guests will love it! There is almost always a line for the Photo Booth and its often said to be the highlight of the evening.

2. Every Age Friendly - Regardless of if it's your 92 year old grandma and grandpa wearing funny hats or your 5 year old nephew cheesing into the camera, the Photo Booth is always a hit! With options like unlimited prints and instant social media sharing, friends will be complimenting your photos in no time.

3. Nostalgia - There is nothing like leaving an event with something to take home. YEP Photo Booth rentals offers unlimited prints for our guests to take home as a keep sake from the wonderful night.

4. Online Photo Gallery - With every YEP Photo Booth rental you're provided an online gallery of all your photos from the night.

5. Add Your Own Flare - YEP Photo Booth rentals gives you the option to customize your templates and even add your own text or logos. With our green screen you can also add your own backgrounds.

For more info on booking, check out our online booking portal here.

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